Talanoa Mai is more than just a social media agency - it's a catalyst for amplifying the authentic voices of Pacific Island businesses and fostering inclusive community growth. Founded by Mara, a Savusavu native, the agency was born out of a profound belief in the transformative power of storytelling.

Field worker digs up a coconut from the forest floor
Field worker digs up a coconut from the forest floor

Our mission

To empower local businesses by crafting compelling digital narratives that connect them meaningfully with their audiences, uphold their values, and contribute to positive social impact.

Our vision

A digital landscape where Pacific Island stories are celebrated, communities are strengthened, and businesses thrive while upholding the rich tapestry of their cultural heritage.

Our values

Authenticity, empathy, and respect for diverse perspectives form the bedrock of Talanoa Mai. We are committed to creating culturally-attuned content and strategies that mirror our clients' values while engaging audiences in an impactful, sustainable manner.

Talanoa is the heartbeat of our Pacific cultures - a rhythmic exchange of stories that connects us to our roots, traditions and one another. At Talanoa Mai, we honor this sacred dialogue by amplifying the unique narratives that make our communities so vibrant and resilient.

The Founder's Journey

After gaining experience in social media marketing and content creation, Mara made the purposeful decision to return home and apply her skills to benefit the community she loves. Talanoa Mai emerged from her conviction that authentic storytelling has the power to build connections, foster unity, and create positive change.

Join Our Narrative

Whether you're a local Fijian business, part of the Pacific diaspora, or simply resonate with our ethos, we welcome you to be part of the Talanoa Mai story - where digital transformation meets cultural preservation, and where every brand's narrative has the power to inspire.